Pillars of SAARCMUN


fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative



The process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed



Improve their knowledge is fine. I would say expand rather than extend one’s knowledge, though the latter is also possible



Social impact is the effect on people and communities that happens as a result of an action or inaction, an activity, project, programme or policy



Better transport connectivity between nations leads to improved economic growth and trade. Improved regional ICT infrastructure unlocks innovation.

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SAARC Model United Nations is an organization engaged in youth development programs. SAARC MUN challenges to innovate programs for young leaders to tackle some of skills needed to make the world a better place. Moreover, we give everyone a voice ,regardless of where they are from and their believes.SAARC MUN believes that every person deserves the opportunity to get involved and contribute something beneficial to the world .we strive foster to bring students from all regions and countries together, to gather new ideas to advance technology for humanity. Through existing events, and a unique conference ,the SAARC MUN experience reaches across cultures and horizon .

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